A servant (ZT Fomum)

“A servant is the person who serves. He just goes ahead and serves. He has forgotten himself. He provides his own equipment for his service. He gets the things he needs to serve with. Before I knew God enough to hate sin, my relationship with my father was my protection. I stayed away from certain […]

Welcome To Our Online Bible Course!

We will like to welcome you to our Online Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) by stating upfront our commitment to the unit of what our eSchool must produce. Every industry has a unit of what it produces. What is the unit that we want to produce through this course? We want to produce men and women who are hungry […]

The Second Course is Here!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the second course in the Christian Way Series,  entitled “The way of obedience”. It will treat the fundamental points on this broad topic on obedience in the christian life: baptism into water, baptism into the Holy Spirit and christian witnessing.

The First Course is Now Available

This course is the first in the Christian Way series. The truths in this course have had a very profound effect. This first series of this Bible course comprises seven modules based on the book entitled « The Way of Life ».  As you begin to study, we encourage you to press right to the end. We particularly […]