Fruit Bearing

Module 6 Fruit Bearing
Section 1 Introduction
Section 2 What is fruit bearing?
Section 3 Fruit bearing: Souls won for Christ
Section 4 Fruit bearing: Ministry
Section 5 Fruit bearing: Ministry - Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Section 6 Fruit bearing: Ministry - Talents
Section 7 Fruit bearing: Character
Section 8 The way of fruit bearing
Section 9 The way of fruit bearing: Spiritual ambition
Section 10 The way of fruit bearing: Clear goals
Section 11 The way of fruit bearing: Discipline
Section 12 Fruit that glorifies God
Section 13 Fruit that glorifies God: Abiding fruit
Section 14 Fruit that glorifies God: Abundant fruit
Section 15 What should we retain?
Section 16 Questionnaire 6: Fruit Bearing
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