The being and the making of disciples

This course consists of 10 lessons to help you become a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and bring others to become disciples of Jesus Christ; for the purposes of God on earth are entrusted to those who are like His only begotten Son: disciples of Jesus Christ. The first lesson answers the question, “Why […]

The Way of Obedience

The first course on THE WAY OF LIFE discussed the creation, the fall of man and his redemption through Jesus Christ the Son of God. The new birth is a secret transaction between man and God. The baptisms and witnessing treated in this second course, The Way of Obedience, are solemn actions in that none […]

The Way of Life

This course, “The Way of Life”, being the first course in the series, has as its theme, the Way into the Christian Life, the Way into Jesus Christ, the Way into God: the Way of Life. It is written specially to help you to find the Lord Jesus, give yourself to Him, and then you […]