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I completed the first course(s) in the past via regular correspondence. Can I skip those courses and start with the subsequent ones for the online version?

This would have been the logical procedure. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. But we think it is an interesting question and we are currently looking into implementing it. Eventually, we will require that the student provide us his student number. Watch out for more on this topic

I am on a mobile device, where is the language switcher?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There, you will see the different language from which to select

I am trying to register and it says your username is invalid. What does this mean?

Make sure than your username is in ONE word (no spaces, nor special characters). This field is not for your full name. This is your login identity, to be used after a successful registration

What is the Bible Correspondence Course (BCC)?

The BCC is a Bible study course that one can take on a specific subject related to the Bible. The BCC is based on books written by Zacharias Tannee Fomum founder of CMFI. It aims at helping users to know God and his full purpose for their lives.

Which version of the Bible do I need?

Unless stated otherwise, the BCC is based on the New International Version.

Can I do the course offline?

 The different lessons can be downloaded and read offline. Unfortunately, the questionnaire must be done and submitted online. If you prefer to take our complete offline course, please contact the course administrator below.

How long does it take to get a finished module corrected?

A module will take about 24 hours to get corrected.

What type of certification do you offer?

coming soon ….

What are the potential spiritual careers open to graduates from your Bible course?

coming soon ….

Where can I obtain the support material?

All of the books (authored by Prof. Zacharias Tanee Fomum) from which the courses are extracted are available both in hard/printed and soft/eBook format on all major book retailers. You can find more details from ….

What if I require a physical counseling session with an instructor?

That would be great. We can always fix an appointment with one of our local pastors.


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