Welcome To Our Online Bible Course!

We will like to welcome you to our Online Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) by stating upfront our commitment to the unit of what our eSchool must produce. Every industry has a unit of what it produces. What is the unit that we want to produce through this course? We want to produce men and women who are hungry […]

Solid Biblical foundations

Every lesson of every course is backed by enough Bible references, as well as living testimonies of their practical application.

Strong interaction among students

A strong functional and dedicated social network keep the interactions and team work among the student.

 Core Courses on Basic Christian Doctrines drawn from  the “Christian Way Series” by Z.T. FOMUM 

Meet The Course Author

Zacharias T. Fomum

Zacharias T. Fomum

Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum was born in the flesh on 20th June 1945 and born of the Holy Spirit on 13th June 1956. He made an absolute surrender of himself to the Lord Jesus and to His service on 1st October 1966 and was filled with the Holy Spirit on 24th October 1970.

Meet The Course Instructor(s)



Pastor Charles NTSAMA ATANGANA is the Vice Principal of the School of Knowing and Serving God (SKSG), which is the training department of CMFI for coworkers, and particularly for national and international missionaries.

Life Changing Testimonials

I became a child of God immediately after answering questions in course 1. So I read the Bible correspondence Course, and pray the prayer at the back of the book, after confessing my sins to God, so from now I am a child of God.

Esther Nkeiruka Enyinruya

Aujourd’hui le 02 Août 2004 j’ai lu le cours biblique par correspondance le chemin de la vie, cela m’a aidé à écrire tous mes péchés dans une double feuille étant seule dans ma chambre, je les ai confessés, demandé pardon, me repentir renoncer à ne plus jamais reprendre ma vie dans le monde : donner ma vie de nouveau à Jésus, l’inviter d’habiter en moi, croire à lui comme mon sauveur personnel et je m’engage à obéir aux lois de Dieu et me détourner de ce monde et les choses de ce monde et d’être en relation avec Jésus et non plus le diable.

Madjidanngom Salome